Monday, August 26, 2013

Pompeii - the city that was buried alive!

One thousand nine hundred thirty four years ago on 24th of August, 79, Mount Vesuvius erupted and the volcanic ash buried the city of Pompeii, 20kms away, under tons of molten ash and pumice.
Pompeii remained buried until a group of explorers discovered it in 1748 and were surprised to find that 

under the thick layers of dust and debris, the buildings, artifacts and skeletons left behind in the buried city 

were mostly intact. Join me for a virtual tour of Pompeii as it exists now. At the end of the post is the link where you will find the complete history of Pompeii.

Ruins of the Apollo temple

Ruins of the Jupiter temple with Mount Vesuvius in the background

A paved street. The blocks in the road allowed pedestrians to cross the street without having to step onto the road itself which doubled up as Pompeii's drainage and sewage disposal system. The spaces between the blocks allowed horse-drawn carts to pass along the road.

As excavators continued to uncover human remains, they noticed that the skeletons were surrounded by

voids in the compacted ash. By carefully pouring plaster of Paris into the spaces, the final poses, clothing, and faces of the last residents of Pompeii came to life.

Ruins of the Forum

Ruins of the Eumachia's building

Eumachia was the public priestess of Venus in Pompeii during the middle of the 1st century AD as well as the matron of the Concordia Augustus. Using her wealth and status, she funded the construction of a large building next to the public forum in Pompeii.

It is an amazing walk into history.

You can read all about Pompeii here


  1. Such an interesting story. Had heard about Pompei but didnt know about it in so much detail and your pictures have imprinted them in memory so well.

  2. Even after the eruption these were intact and they looks so charming..

  3. Your Euro travelogues/pics are getting more and more exciting, Deepak. Loved the details in the pix. Waiting for more....

    PS--This page looks niice :))

  4. Do you live there? Or was this part of a photo tour?

    1. Live in Mummbai. Went there for a short visit.

  5. historic place...good post :-)

  6. Hari Om
    Such a haunting history, is it not? I was always fascinated by how nature left us with a 'snapshot' of the place. Now your 'snapshots' honour it further. Fabuloso!! YAM xx

  7. Fascinating story and the pics bring it almost alive forcing us to imagine how it was then.

  8. Such a wonderful series or amazing clicks... The place would have been such amazing, years ago when it was live...

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  10. Great post. There's something about Pompeii that's so fascinating.

  11. The place have definitely been beautiful when alive...Thank you for this virtual tour to Pompeii magiceye!Pictures are fascinating as always :)

  12. This was a fabulous post Deepak ji .. got to know of such a place .. lovely captures !!

  13. Well, i envy u if u hv been to this place

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  15. They are a wealth of artworks. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Impressive and touching ... often heard about, but never seen, so thanks for taking us to Pompeii!

  17. The history of Pompeii is quite amazing, isn't it?! You photo reveal the story in a strong and telling way. Nice work!

  18. The true glory of the place captured so gracefully Deepak!