Sunday, June 28, 2015

Blogadda advises to #LiveLodgycal

The monsoons had just made their appearance when I got a communication from Blogadda inviting me to be a part of 40 select bloggers from all over India to a Renault sponsored event in Goa to showcase the latest offering from Renault’s stable – Lodgy. The event was logically titled #LiveLodgycal. Now Goa in the monsoons has been a much touted affair hence I did not want to miss this one so off I flew with a few other bloggers from Mumbai to Goa where we were  

shepherded into the lovely 75 acre property of ‘The Leela’.
By the time everyone assembled the event had to be rescheduled as the rains had played mischief with the airline schedules delaying most of the flights by at least an hour.
The evening was spent in attending a crash course in ‘Renology’ – a study of Renault Lodgy by the team from Renault. Was quite an interesting affair after which the 40 bloggers who were divided into 10 teams had to introduce their teams so that everybody kind of got to know each other followed by a lavish dinner and some more tete-a-tete before retiring for the night. The presenter of the evening  

was the bubbly, witty, RJ Archana who kept the participants involved in the show every minute.
Next morning was drive time when the 10 teams would drive 10 Renault Lodgys to Lalit Hotel, around 50kms away on hilly roads which would give us a fair idea of how well or not the car handles.
A lot of activities planned by Blogadda to be indulged in during the drive kept everybody busy and it was a fun drive. The route was very well planned and though a map was given to us there were placard toting boys standing at turnings to direct us accordingly! So no way anyone could get lost. In addition there was a mapping device in the car itself!

The drive through the lush greenery in the hills and tiny villages was very refreshing. The wonderful music system in the car played some catchy tunes of our choice to make the drive peppy and fun too. We even stopped at some spots to dance to the music in the rains when we were not dancing in the car!

We arrived in time for a splendid lunch spread out just for us in Hotel Lalit. But since the rains had stopped we decided to go to the beach for some photo-ops as we were not exactly hungry after the heavy breakfast we had in ‘The Leela’. The beaches in Goa during the monsoons look lovely without all 

the shacks and other commercial activity which one would otherwise find cluttering the pristine sands. After everyone had finished with their photo-ops we all trooped back to the Hotel for lunch followed by the drive back to ‘The Leela’ for an evening full of music and masti!
‘The Forefront’ band was in attendance to liven up the show and it soon had everybody tapping their 

feet to their music. The bar was open and so was the mic! Fashionista blogger Neha Kapoor ruled the stage and brought everyone to the floor dancing to her songs. Not to be left behind were bloggers 

Om and Prateek Thakkar who too entertained us with their singing.
The evening ended with some fine dining and exchange of blog URLs and bidding goodbye to one and all as next morning everyone would be leaving at different times depending on the flight departure times for different destinations.
Overall it was an amazing weekend spent with amazing bloggers. A true bloggers meet it was at #LiveLodgycal in Goa. No one upmanship. Pure exchange of ideas. A model bloggers community. Thank you Blogadda for making it happen.
I was a part of the #LiveLodgycal Drive by in association with Renault India

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  1. nice report.. but more info and photos on the vehicle would have been nice

    1. The link to my opinion on the vehicle is at the end of the post.

  2. Hari OM
    What a great opportunity! YAM xx

  3. Congrats.Looks that you had a great time.

  4. Looks like a wonderful trip :)