Monday, July 6, 2015

Review of 'Soldier and Spice'

Soldier and Spice - An Army Wife's LifeSoldier and Spice - An Army Wife's Life by Aditi Mathur Kumar
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Looking for the perfect book for a rainy afternoon or that long 18 hour flight? Look no further! Pick up ‘Soldier and Spice – An Army wife’s life’ authored by Aditi. Published in 2013 by Westland Ltd., this 253 pages book is a fun read almost till the end.
The author herself is an Army wife and a prolific blogger who blogs at is very popular for her style of writing on the virtual world too and has been voted as one of the funniest Indian blogs for 2015. You can find her tweeting with the handle @adicrazy.
The book deals with the travails of a young urban girl planted in the catty jungle of Armed Forces where the wives have to be regimented too. They have to follow all the rules of rank that the Army officers follow, hence the wife of a junior officer has to treat the wives of senior officers like royalty failing which they would be humiliated in the ‘Ladies Meets’ that are held regularly. Aditi has handled all the situations in the book with great finesse and humour. It is only when one starts ruminating on what one has read that makes one wonder – whither gender equality! And now with the induction of Lady officers I wonder how their spouses deal with these situations? Do they become househusbands at the stations where their spouses are posted or live separately?
Overall a fun book that is a light read and you wont have a regret having bought it!

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  1. Nice review, Deepak, but the book doesn't seem to be of my taste. :)