Tuesday, November 10, 2015

#BNLF - Defining bloggers

Blog Now Live Forever or #BNLF, staged by the immensely popular Indiblogger last weekend, made me very happy not only because it was organised so well but because after ages here was a bloggers meet that was about blogging for blogging sake and not about sponsoring products.

Here was a meet that was meant for bloggers to meet and exchange ideas about blogging.

Added bonus was listening to famous bloggers about their journey in the blogging world. Was elated to meet up with 3 of my favourite bloggers Zephyr, Purba Ray and ArnabRay apart from those with whom I had only interacted online. Made my day!

No I did not take any pictures at the meet because I was so involved in enjoying the moment so I will give you guys interested in pictures of the meet a link to Indiblogger’s page which has no less than 422 pictures to sate your picture desires! Click here and enjoy!


  1. Good post,giving the link is nice thing.

  2. Hari Om
    Wonderful experience I am sure! It strikes me that India is very active in blog networking - more than any other place I know. There are little things happening in America - women's blog meets and other specialist stuff I think; not seen anything in the UK or OZ... next June, though, I shall be flying to USA for a meeting with my "Blogville" pet pals, which is exciting. I know what you mean about meeting just for peoples' sake and not commercial interest... refreshing! Hope your Diwali is bright... YAM xx

  3. I remember you telling me this on that day too, Deepak.Short and simple, you have said a whole lot in such few words. It was good to watch the proceedings in your company as I had said in my post about the event.