Friday, August 31, 2018

Streetart, Graffiti and murals.

Whenever you visit London do remember to visit Shoreditch and Bricklane for the amazing Streetart, Graffiti and Murals there. This area now has become a great tourist attraction and Bricklane has plenty of Asian cuisine restaurants too! So food for the mind and body is guaranteed!
In the nineties this area was not a place for ‘art’ and was frequently in the news for wrong reasons. It saw the rise of warring gangs which led to graffiti whereby each gang marked their territory by spraying the walls with their signatures. Graffiti was and even now is illegal though the rule is overlooked in this part of London.Gradually it evolved into political statements and gave rise to a now prominent artist ‘Banksy’ whose work is unfortunately no longer there. But there are famous artists from all over Europe leaving their mark on the walls there. This has also led to a lot of purists complaining that Street art is now more of a platform for artists who want to become famous. Have compiled a short video of the Streetart, Graffiti and murals that I shot there.

Do remember that these might not be there when you visit as the art keeps changing and evolving.
You can either take the many walking tours that take you there or if you wish to do it at your own pace you can check this out. We took the Strawberryfree walking tours and were not disappointed. Either which way do visit it for a fun day in London!