Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Book review - I M-M-Mumbai

I am M-M-MumbaiI am M-M-Mumbai by Rishi Vohra
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

An ideal Hindi movie script. That’s what I thought after going through a couple of chapters. Very light reading. Just like going for one of the typical potboilers of the Hindi film industry facetiously called Bollywood. So if you are travelling or are stressed out and want to read something, read this book. It is not bad. It is very dramatic just like the Hindi movies are.
It is a story about a young boy whose passion it is to be an actor in the film industry but is thwarted as he stammers. Hence he decides to get into film direction as his stammering would be overlooked. But then circumstances drive him to achieve what he has set out to. This journey is very dramatically narrated. Not many characters are introduced in the story, keeping it simple. So simple that sometimes I felt I was viewing it from a drone above, aloof. Did not involve me except held my interest at the end of every chapter when I would expect what happens next and the author does not disappoint.
Like in the typical Hindi movie you have the protagonist, a secret admirer, a villain, the item dancer, the friend philosopher and guide all playing their roles to the T.
The life of the struggler in the Hindi movies is briefly delved into. The names of the areas mentioned are genuine and am aware of it, lending authenticity to the tale.
The language, the plot and the drama is all good. The writing is fluid and I did not encounter any speed breakers while reading.
The author seems to be in close contact with the Hindi film industry. To learn more about him visit This is his 3rd novel and I still love his 1st – Once upon the tracks of Mumbai.

Disclaimer : The author sent me this copy for my review.

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  1. Ugh...don't like it when the author makes it too obvious on the pages that- s/he wants the book to be picked up by a movie studio in future. Think I'd give it a miss. Thanks for the review though.

  2. well written review.
    I wish I could read this novel

    @ Thank you for sharing