Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Pyjamas are forgiving - Book review

Pyjamas are ForgivingPyjamas are Forgiving by Twinkle Khanna
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Had never read Twinkle Khanna before as somehow was never inclined to buy any of her books. However when offered a signed copy of this book in return for a review, I agreed. I started off hopefully, to have a laugh riot (she is known to be a very witty humourous writer) as I read along but was sorely disappointed.
The 1st half of the book seemed to be random stringing of columns by a columnist. But the 2nd half seemed to be cohesive and written with a purpose of writing a novel.
It is a story of a rich, young, divorced housewife and her shenanigans in an Ayruvedic spa where she goes for a treatment and surprise, surprise, meets her ex husband with his new wife! Soon old flames are reignited and to keep the action going, a couple of gays are thrown in the tale and also a soon to die lech who develops the hots for a firang who can't say No.
The humour was juvenile. A tale by the rich and famous for the rich and famous. I am not.

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