Sunday, January 25, 2015

Book review - Thar Express

‘Thar Express’ the debut novel by Nagendra Murti is a beautifully woven tale that keeps you on the edge of your seat all throughout. The twists and turns in the well thought out and well researched plot make it a ‘can’t put the book down’ thriller.

Thanks to Blogadda I got to read this book for a review else am sure would have missed it as unfortunately there is hardly any buzz about it. It is published as an eBook and there is no paperback version, probably the reason why there are no ‘book signing launches in book stores and hence a lack of publicity.

But guys, it is one hell of a thriller and keeps you on the move all throughout the country from Kashmir to Tamil Nadu, literally, as the protagonist who has lost his memory, is on the run to find his lost identity. And since he is found in a state of amnesia in Kashmir, close to the Indo-Pak border, the Indian Army is very suspicious of his antecedents and will do anything to get hold of him. This also brings to fore the rivalry among the Army, the local State Police and the Anti Terrorism squads.
What I particularly liked was Nagendra Murti’s style of writing and his ensuring that just enough detailing of the plot is given without getting into too much of atmospheric details. There is no romantic interlude except that which is absolutely necessary to take the story forward. It is very crisp and sharp to keep you moving along with the protagonist ‘Mano’ (No, that is not his real name either and by telling you this am not diluting any suspense of the tale J)

This book gives one an insight into the anguish suffered by a person who has lost his memory and the struggle that he has to go through to get back to his identity. Imagine, if one fine day you wake up in a hospital and don’t remember your name, profession and what or whom you love, whether you have a family or not and the world at large looks upon you as a criminal or a terrorist! This is a double whammy as in all probability you have lost your memory due to a traumatic experience and here again you are going through a traumatic experience to get out of one! Strange but true. Nagendra has kept the storyline and ‘Mano’ running at a tight pace throughout without letting up even a bit by keeping the chase alive and the chasers as shadows chasing the elusive source of light.

An eBook which has a wonderful storyline, well edited and devoid of any speed breakers to ensure a smooth journey for the reader who will gasp at the end. Why? To find out you will have to read it. Am not going to spoil the fun by revealing anything here. It is available on for Rs.181/- only and remember it is an eBook and there is no paperback or hardcover version.

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  1. Sounds like a good book, but priced really high.

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